Price Guides

How Much Is It Worth?

Determining value for a wide spectrum of coins in varying grades is an ongoing and everyday task for all of us at RARCOA. In doing so, we employ a number of standard pricing guides, both online and in print. Below we list a few of them for both U.S. and World Coins. For more books on more esoteric coins, you may with to refer to our bibliography page, or feel free to contact us at any time. While none of these guides can be used blindly, all of them add to our understanding of relative worth. However, in the end, it is the market activity of knowledgeable buyers and sellers that determines ultimate value.

United States Coins
Coin World Trends of US Coins (CW)

Coin World's centerfold "Trends" section is a comprehensive retail value guide of U.S. coins. Integral to Coin World, Trends is published over a three week cycle 17 times per year, and covers all regular issue U.S. coinage in a variety of grades. Coin Worlds Trends values are most helpful in determining values for scarcer date silver and gold coins in circulated and lower Mint State conditions. -

Numismedia Price Guide

The Numismedia Price Guide represents a fair market value for properly graded coins within each category. Included are prices for rarer issues as well as the more modern Susan B. Anthony Dollars, Proof Sets, and Mint Sets. -

PCGS Daily Price Guide(CU)

The PCGS Daily Price Guide provides values for all significant United States rare coins. While you won't find prices for modern proof sets, state quarters, or Sacagewea Dollars here, you will find prices for important rarities, including Mint State Early Gold and Superb Gem Barber Coins. -

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)

In over 26 years, NGC has graded more coins from more countries than any other company.

NGC is among the world’s largest and most trusted third-party coin grading companies with more than 29,000,000 coins graded. -

The Official RED BOOK
A Guide Book of United States Coins (RB)

First published in 1947, the Redbook is the best selling coin book of all time. Now in its 55th edition, this classic remains the pricing authority for millions of collectors. While more timely pricing guides have usurped the Redbook's dominant position in many areas, it continues to be the best source of market values for Colonial Issues and Private and Territorial Gold. -

World Coins

Krause-Mishler Standard Catalogue of World Coins (KM) - In four volumes spanning over 5,900 pages, the "Krause" catalogues accomplish a seemingly insurmountable task - assembling in one comprehensive reference the entire body of coins issued throughout the world since 1601. While we employ many country specific price guides in determining world coin values, the Krause catalogues are almost always our first point of reference.